Allison Crowston

Residential Specialist

PHONE: 661.301.2874


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Why I love Real Estate

I continually ask myself, what really matters to me? Although I can come up with a variety of different answers to that question, something consistently stays the same: People.

I love to help, serve, inspire and collaborate with people. It’s what drives me. 

After serving nearly eight years in the digital marketing space I’m finally taking the leap and stepping into the world of Real Estate. However, I didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to make a change - this is a dream and goal I’ve had throughout my journey since childhood.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved and have been fascinated by homes and properties of all varieties. When I was younger, I used to tour the U.S. with my family, driving around looking at properties just for fun. In college, I’d drive from Santa Clarita to Beverly Hills and tour mansions on my own, pretending to have the resources to live this lifestyle when in reality I was just a poor college student. All that to say, looking into and learning about Real Estate is one of my favorite pastimes and I share that passion to this day.  

After initially delving into what a career in Real Estate looks like, I began to see all the care, details and excitement involved in the process. Ultimately, I loved the privilege of being a part of what might be the largest purchase someone will make in their lifetime, and that is what I want to be a part of!

So, why Reside.? After meeting one of the Reside. team members at an outdoor music festival, I knew this was the right fit for me. I wanted an eclectic group who shared my values, professionalism and sense of humor, and a team that I was proud to be a part of - a team that was stronger because of the diversity of personalities and strengths that each person holds. I am so thrilled to be a part of this amazing group of people. 

About Me

Oh yeah, I also love to run, dance, travel and am looking to change the world!  


Fun Facts

  • I spent a summer in Rhodos, Greece working for a scubadiving company 

  • I've been bungiejumping in New Zealand 

  • I am afraid of birds, manly divbombing my head 

  • I'm a certified Zumba instructor 

  • My life changed for the better after watching Girls just Want to Have fun in the second grade. "AND I LOVE TO DANCE." It's still my favorite movie. 

  • My favorite TV show is Project Runway