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Amy Numrich

Residential Specialist

PHONE: 206.250.8134


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Why I Love Real Estate

I am a proud Seattle native. My parents taught me the value and pride of home ownership at a young age. My husband and I decided to purchase our first home when we were in our early twenty's, and it was an experience that we will never forget. Although we were young and the budget was very low, our Realtor drove us around for weeks and showed us as many houses as we wanted to see. Never once did we feel rushed or unimportant because of our budget. We ultimately found our first home which still holds a very special place in our hearts. I knew this would be the career for me after this experience!

I will always value your time and listen to your needs. The purchase of a home, whether it be your first home, or a downsize later in life is a big decision not to be taken lightly. My goal is to have you look back at your home selling or buying experience, and have that same feeling I did after purchasing my first home.

I am also a wife and proud mama to an 8 year old son. I reside in the Shorewood community and am an active volunteer at Shorewood Elementary. If you look around Seattle hard enough, you will very likely find me with my family biking on Alki Beach, walking at Lincoln Park, skating at Southgate roller rink, or going to garage sales to add to our son's gigantic toy car collection. 

About Me

Born and raised in Seattle, I know my way pretty well around town! I would love to share my knowledge with you when you are ready to buy or sell a home. A home for some may be just an investment, for others, it may be a place to start a family, share memories and achieve goals. I will listen to your needs and help you find the place where you would like to reside.


I believe life is about having fun. I am known to incorporate my quirky sense of humor to help make clients feel more comfortable about the home selling/buying experience. I promise, we will have fun doing this together!


A little about me... Some of my favorite hobbies are spending time with my son (helping him expand his insanely large toy car collection), doing home improvement projects, rollerblading, running, cooking and taste testing wine and coffee throughout the city (a must if you live in Seattle!) I also love a good theme/costume party!


If you see someone rollerblading down at Alki in an 80's themed costume, with a cup of coffee in one hand and wine in the other, that would be me. Stop me and say hello!



Fun Facts

  • My dream job as a child was to be a professional roller-skater. There's still time, right?

  • I am obsessed with food. I love to cook and figure out how to make recipes healthier or taste better!

  • But, if given the opportunity, I would eat pizza everyday loaded with pepperoni and sausage. 

  • Any vacation I take has to have water involved. Ocean is preferred!

  • I played the piano for 12 years, starting from the age of 9. Classical has always been my favorite to play.

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