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Chris Laine

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Residential Specialist

PHONE: 206.604.6470



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Why I Love Real Estate

I have worked within construction and property management for most of my life but always had an interest and desire to be in real estate. I grew up in Madison Park and went to college at Santa Clara University where I studied finance. After working in the financial world I wanted to create something more tangible and tactile which led me to the building industry and subsequently, real estate.
Through this experience I have had a front-row seat to the current design trends and pulse of the real estate market. I am venturing into development and hope to broaden my project scope while focusing on the fostering of lasting relationships, tailored to my clients needs. Unique to the brokerage, I bring a meticulous, detail-oriented eye, with practical construction experience to help you find or sell your home.

About Me

Fun Facts

  • I've spent a number of years living and working in Seoul and Tokyo as an English teacher.

  • I love motorcycles and have four!

  • My birthday is St. Patrick's Day :) 

  • I'm totally curious about everything and tend to have obscure knowledge about seemingly random things.

  • Believer that the simple pleasures of life make me happy.

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