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Brian Flora

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Residential Specialist

PHONE: 206.229.7534


Why I Love Real Estate

Real Estate is a dynamic, ever-changing field in which I have the opportunity to help people realize their dream of homeownership. I support them as they successfully move through life’s transitions and help them build financial or personal stability.

What I enjoy most is being a trusted advisor where I bring my full self to the table including: 13 years of real estate experience (4 years as a licensed agent), 13+ years as an entrepreneur/business owner, dedication and persistence, intelligence, emotional and cultural competence, creativity and humor. I have an attitude of generosity and service. At any give time my clients benefit from my market knowledge (from general to hyperlocal), economic analysis, persistence and humanity. Real Estate can be a complicated puzzle.

For me, it’s an honor and a pleasure to help put the right pieces in the right place at the right time.

About Me

Fun Facts

  • Dad to 11 Year-old Twins

  • Born near Philadelphia, PA. Please note I'm a fan of Pat’s Cheesesteaks

  • I’ve lived in 6 States (10 cities) and France

  • Degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology from UC Berkeley

  • Former National Class Bicycle racer – Wisconsin State Champion and Regional Junior Champion

  • Je parle Francais

  • Excellent at Parking Cars (ask me why)

  • I’ve met tons of celebrities, dignitaries, big wigs, etc.. (related to parking)

  • Was in a movie that won Slamdance Film Festival and Nominated for several Independent Spirit Awards

  • Owned/Operated first WA franchise of My Gym in from 2005 – 2016

  • I have tiny collections of Turtle  and "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" art objects

  • I like to wear a toque in colder weather even though I'm not Canadian

  • Additional Fun Facts on a Need to Know Basis

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